Kurtis Blow VR Experience
Framestore VR Studio worked with the Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) to create the first ever museum to launch in virtual form.






The UHHM will also be the first to document the beginnings of rap and its growth into the musical genre and culture that we know today. 


In an effort to both create the first round of content for the virtual face of the museum as well as demonstrate the innovative thinking of its founders, we’ve created a VR experience starring one of the original pioneers of hip hop, Kurtis Blow. Seated at the mixing board, Kurtis walks you through some of the history of the studio as well as the analog equipment that was used in the genre’s first days.

As he recounts memories of the artists that worked in the space throughout the years they appear in the studio through the window, giving you a glimpse at how influential the studio has been to the establishment of hip hop throughout the years.





Shot with our custom 360 camera rig, our experience opens as Kurtis introduces Rawlston Studios in Brooklyn, the studio in which he recorded and produced some of rap’s first hits.





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