Breathtaking Immersion 

Using a photo­realistic style that combines real­-time elements and pre­-rendered environments, players will feel that they have been transported right into the very heart of Newt’s magical world. This was the first time the Framestore VR Studio had combined real­-time interactive elements with high quality pre­rendered environments—pushing both the interactivity and the quality in mobile VR. The team invented specific techniques to allow embedded real-time game engine assets inside an environment that is rendered using an offline renderer. This allows interaction and play in an environment that feels real and tangible, with a level of visual fidelity that contributes to a greater feeling of presence. Throughout the project the VR Studio drew on their extensive previous experiences and the knowledge base built up from working in this field, as well as leveraging Framestore's fantastic in-house CG pipeline across Film and Integrated Advertising to ensure they spent the most time creating fantastic content—and very little time manually tracking assets, or on tasks that could be automated.