The film, almost three minutes in length, was created entirely in CG and utilized the skills of various teams across Framestore. Concepts and designs born in the Design department were passed to CG where the environment was modeled and textured, the Animation team brought this colourful and beautifully crafted virtual world to life. “Making film for VR requires us to think in a more theatrical way,” explains CG Supervisor Andy Rowan-Robinson. “We looked to make sure key points were emphasised in the animation style, and further cemented in lighting. We had to evolve our ideas to be a specifically appropriate for a VR platform.”

Building for mobile added another layer of consideration to the process. ‘There are some limitations when using smartphones through the Google Cardboard headset’, explains Maryanne. “We wanted to be sure that the journey was just as exciting and vivid as you would expect through a more sophisticated, heavyweight viewing platform. The creative concept of a graphical world suits the headset perfectly.”