In collaboration with Framestore Pictures, Framestore’s dedicated live action production company, we direct and produce stunning feature-quality film-based Virtual Reality experiences. Our multidisciplinary team of directors has been a part of groundbreaking campaigns and award-winning films. They understand the technical and narrative challenges of creating successful VR content and they rise brilliantly to the unique demands of the medium. Premium solutions are not one-size-fits-all, so we adapt our methods to the experience.


Our shoots have taken us all over the world, with exotic destinations spanning from the Andes mountains in Chile, to a bustling market in Beijing, to a local ice cream shop in rural Rwanda. We develop bespoke camera solutions, tailored to the creative requirements of the scene, always seeking the highest possible quality. The jobs that challenge us are the ones that inspire us to keep looking forward, to continue innovating new, trailblazing techniques and evolve the VR ecosystem.




Framestore directors and producers collaborate across the filmmaking process to design, plan and create visual effects to support their narrative vision.  Headsets are always at core of our creative efforts, however by harnessing the collective firepower of the diverse teams within Framestore, the VR Studio can extend the film story to create a cycle of immersive experience that reached far beyond the the original platform.


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Our directors have a deep understanding of post production methods and 3D environments. Flawless stitching, perspective, scale: these are the magic tools of our trade. Each live action shot is carefully constructed to feel as lifelike and immersive as possible. Once in post-production, artists carry out extensive texture and HDR surveys of the viewer’s point-of-view; environments are built as seamless base layers to house the video captured from custom camera arrays. This technical facility enables our directors to make discerning choices beginning in pre-production that carry through to the final experience.  




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Volvo Reality

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The Teleporter